Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rays !!!

Well, I love to travel by train. I don’t feel bored while spending long time in train. When I was in Pune, I used to travel frequently between Mumbai and Pune by train. I enjoy it when train passed through tunnel and always wanted to take some photographs while train is in the tunnel. Once, similarly I was traveling from Mumbai to Pune and my compact digital camera was with me and I tried some experiments by clicking from the window of the train while train was passing through tunnel. As train runs at a relatively faster speed, it was obvious to get some blurred photos and I wanted to use this blur in favor of my photographs. After clicking may photographs, I tried to click exactly when train was about to leave the tunnel and after trying for so many times, I got this fantastic moment captured. I was lucky enough that a lady sitting on the seat in front of me put her hand on the window which gave some depth to this photo and tells a story like the scare people generally feel while train is in the tunnel and its entirely dark. Also faster train speed resulted in these rays which is giving the sense of fast movement of train.