Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pune Wine Fest 2010 !!!

Recently I got an opportunity to officially shoot "Pune Wine Fest 2010". Thanks to an informal group "P@P - Photographers at Pune" on flickr - a photo sharing website. After arriving at Pune in September 2009, first thing I did was to join this group.

Then one day, I saw one post on this group page asking for the interested people to shoot Pune Wine Fest 2010. They were to choose 10 people and luckily I made to those 10 photographers. And then there was competition between these 10 photographers. Each photographer was to submit set of 30 images. It was a nice experience for me to shoot such event as this was my first attempt at event photography and even I got to click some nice/unknown faces as portrait photography (especially candid shots) is my favorite.

Here are the photos - submitted for the competition plus some other my favorites from the event.


My favorite candid shot !!!

Meri Awaaz Suno !!!

Military band performs during fest !!!

Its hard to find an Indian girl in such a traditional dress !!!

Grape stomping !!!

P.S.: I won first prize in this competition !!!