Sunday, September 26, 2010

Do People Really See The World ?

Most of the people like to visit many famous places across the world. Few people really see and visit those places by the wealth they earn. But what about those who can't see them because of some or the other reason?

This forces me to write that the really (aesthetically) beautiful places look equally beautiful in the photographs or in fact more beautiful than reality sometimes.

World is really beautiful if seen through the right angle. It is famously said "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". I completely agreed with it once I started looking world through "macro" lens. It changed my thinking and I started making things look beautiful.

You should not regret for the things which you could not see, but you should feel lucky that you have seen something extraordinary in the ordinary things which others cannot even think about.

Keep visiting villages and farms !!!

Small things really do matter !!!

Go out of your place after rain !!!

This is just a part of it. Imagine how beautiful our national bird is !!!

At work !!!

A close observation of world helped me discover this intriguing subject !!!

Elements of nature that have rhythmical and graceful lines often create lyrics !!!

Don't just see them from front side !!!

Get into the depth !!!

Don't you watch cricket while your teammates are on the pitch ???

Macro photography brings out an exceptional level of detail, thus letting the viewer feel texture !!!

Don't just see the sea at beach !!!

A great joy of capturing these glimpses is in showing others what you have seen !!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dust Storm !!!

Belonging to the state of Gujarat in the western part of India, I have experienced some major floods (Surat- 07/08/2006), riots and earthquakes (Gujarat - 26/01/2001), but no experience of storm in 21 years of my life which I spent in Gujarat till 2007.

Then I went to Kanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India and got chance to know about the places, people and weather. Northern India experiences extreme weather conditions. But it also frequently experiences dust storms during the summer month of April and May.

Once it was a typical hot day on 14/05/2008 at Kanpur. Time was around 02:30 pm, when I was in the academic area of IIT Kanpur. I went to one office and when I came back from the office after couple of minutes, I could not believe what I was looking.

Sound of heavy wind was too scary. Sunlight was disappeared. It was a darkest day I have ever seen. There was sand all round in the atmosphere.

Immediately I realized the presence of camera in my bag. I felt extremely lucky that I got chance to shoot something which satisfied me a lot.

That was a thrilling experience. Have a look.

Glass of the windows were falling while clicking these !!!

Departing storm as sun came out again !!!

Damage was not minor !!!

Even big tree could not resist the impact !!!

See where storm took them !!!

My room was locked, all the windows were closed, But when I arrived, this is what I saw.


See the world rather than just look at it !!!

Nature is awesome, but people often don't realize it. People just look at it, but often don't see it.

Nature becomes even more beautiful when seen from different perspective - using a macro lens.

This photograph shows how extraordinary a simple flower looks when seen through camera lens.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Realization !!!

This photograph makes me to realise what I really like or love to do in my life. It was just a hobby to click whatever I feel like clicking from the angle such that it looks attractive through the lens of my camera. Later I realised that this is the real definition of photography - "Photography is an art of observing interesting thing in an ordinary thing." I have found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.

I clicked this particular photograph in my lab at IIT Kanpur. Actually I was supposed to do some research work in my lab. Of course I was doing that and I did it, but now I am realising that I did it just because I had to do (to have degree), not really because I wanted to find something interesting by my research and not because I had an interest to observe so many things in lab. In fact, I was more interested in observing things like this screw in lab than the results of my experiments.

I should have realised this early. But, its never too late !!!